Kennesaw State University CITI Instructions Page

Section I

Before beginning the training, ensure that you have enrolled in the proper course.  The following information will assist you in making that determination. 

1.       STUDENTS must complete the following course unless the instructor of record/faculty advisor requires that one of the more in-depth courses (see #2 below) be completed.  This course will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.


·         Students Conducting no more than Minimal Risk Research


2.       FACULTY & STAFF (select course most closely matching type of research to be conducted).  This course will take approximately 3-4 hours to complete.


·         Biomedical Research Investigators*

·         Social & Behavioral Research Investigators*


*After completion of a basic course, a shortened refresher course option will be offered when certificate renewal is required (every three years)




·         Working with the IACUC, AND

·         Species Specific Modules (select appropriate species used in your research)


Frogs, Toads or other Amphibians      Cats                         Mice (Family: Muidae Cricetidae)

Rats (Genus: Rattus)                                Guinea Pigs          Hamsters (Family: Muridae)

Gerbils                                                            Swine                      Rabbits (Family: Leporidae)    

Non-Human Primates                              Dogs                        Working with Fish in Research               


If you conduct studies that have the potential to cause “more than momentary pain and distress” in mice or rats, you must complete


·         Minimizing Pain and Distress


If you conduct major survival surgery or non-survival surgeries in non-rodent species, you must complete


·         Aseptic Surgery




·         Essentials for IACUC Members

·         IACUC Community Member (if applicable)




·         IRB Members

·         IRB Chair (if applicable)


RESPONSIBLE CONDUCT OF RESEARCH courses are provided to meet the federal training requirement for researchers who will be receiving grant funding from the National Science Foundation.  Complete the course that most closely matches your type of research (biomedical, social and behavioral, physical science, or humanities).


CONFLICT OF INTEREST is provided to meet the federal training requirement for researchers who are seeking U.S. Public Health Service funded grants or cooperative agreements.


HEALTH INFORMATION PRIVACY AND SECURITY (HIPS) is provided as an elective for faculty, staff and students with a focus on federal privacy and security rules.


Section II




1.       If you determined in Section I above that you need to change the course for which you have registered or add additional courses:


a.       Return to the Main Menu page

b.      Select the “Add a course or update your learner groups for KSU” link in red

c.       Answer the questions to select the appropriate course(s)

d.      Select the “Continue” button to return to the Main Menu page


2.       Open your Grade Book to begin the course:


a.       On the Main Menu, look for “My Courses” (about halfway down the page)

b.      Under “Status,” select the “Enter” link to access your required modules

c.       Complete each module and associated quizzes (you may exit and re-enter the training as many times as necessary)


3.       Once all required modules are completed successfully, you will be shown a “View course completion history and print completion certificates” link.  You may print the certificate for your records, but a copy of the certificate will automatically be sent to KSU’s IRB Administrator.




Technical issues should be addressed to or to (305) 243-7970.


Questions regarding your requirements should be addressed to KSU’s IRB Administrator at (678) 797-2268 or at