CITI Program For The Responsible Conduct of Research Princeton University

Instructions for CITI Learners

The curriculum for your course has been defined by your department, program, institute or center according to your role in research. 

To register

  • Go to and select "Register Here".
  • Under Section 1, "Participating Institution", select Princeton University. Do not make a selection for Veterans Affairs, Department of Energy, or HIV/AIDS Network Coordination (HANC).
  • Enter the requested information in sections 2-4 and 7.
  • You must enter your Princeton University email address in section 5 as your Preferred Email address in order to receive credit upon successful completion of the course.
  • Select "No" in section 6.

To Start the Course

  • Log in at
  • Your department, program, institute or center has prescribed your course curriculum according to your role in research. Select the appropriate course accordingly. (If you are taking CITI training to meet the RCR requirement, you are not required to take the human subjects courses that are available in question 2.)
  • The Main Menu lists the courses you have chosen.   The Main Menu also provides a number of Course Utilities designed to help you.
    • You may affiliate with another institution.  The software will sum the requirements of both institutions so that you need not retake modules common to the requirements of both institutions.
    • You may "Add a course or update your learner groups " This link will take you to the enrollment questions and permit you to change your "Learner Group" by providing new responses to the enrollment questions.
  • The red link (Enter or Re-Enter) will permit you to Begin/Continue the Course. (Note, after successfully completing a course, the course modules can be accessed by entering through the link optional modules at the bottom of your Main Page.)  
  • You must complete the Integrity Assurance module presented at the top.  The system will allow you to start taking the courses after completing it.
  • Complete the required modules and associated quizzes.
  • Complete any "Elective" modules. 
  • When you complete all Required Modules in your curriculum, you will be shown a link to Optional Modules in the Optional Course Catalog. You may return to the course site at a future time to review these modules. 
  • When you complete all required modules successfully, you may print your completion report through the Print link in the Learner's menu.

The Courses will require 4-6 hours to complete depending on the curriculum defined by your department, program, institute or center.  You are encouraged to use multiple log on sessions.

To Complete the Course

  • The minimum passing aggregate score for the quizzes is 80%.  A running tally is compiled in the Grade Book.   If you want to improve a score on a quiz, you may repeat any quiz in which you didn't score 100 % correct.   
  • Print or download a Course Completion Report as evidence that you have met the training requirement.  A copy will be sent automatically to Princeton University.   You may return to the course site in the future to obtain a copy of the completion report.  
  • Submit a voluntary, anonymous user satisfaction survey.


  • Technical issues should be addressed to or to 305-243-7970.  
  • Questions regarding your requirements should be addressed to your departmental representative.