CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative

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CITI Program offers

  • The Basic and Refresher Courses in the Protection of Human Research Subjects.

    • Biomedical research focus

    • Social and behavioral research focus

  • The Good Clinical Practice and ICH Course.

    • 15 module course for investigators conducting studies with investigational drugs and devices.

  • The Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS) Course.

    • The Course can be customized for:

      • Clinicians

      • Clinical investigators

      • Students

      • Fundraisers

      • Marketers

  • Laboratory Animal Welfare  Course.

  • The Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Course.





New Learners from CITI Participating institutions.

If your organization is a participant in the CITI Program and this is your first time at the CITI Course site you must register for the course.  This is an easy process.

On the next several screens you will:

  1. Choose your institutional affiliation.

  2. Choose a Username and Password

  3. Provide contact information required by your institution.

  4. You will be given the opportunity to register with another institution (e.g., the Local VA or the institution of a collaborator). This is a handy option as you will not be required to complete the same modules required by both institutions more than once.

  5. Answer 1 or more questions about your research focus or research role so that the software will present you with the appropriate customized curriculum.

  6. After you select the curriculum the software will present you with the "Learners Main Menu"

  7. You will then  "Click on this Grade book link to enter the course".

  8. The modules will then be displayed.




Logging back into the CITI Course.

If you have previously obtained a User Name and Password at  enter your username and password to return to the Grade Book to resume your curriculum. 

If you have a username and password from a previous version (obtained before May 2004)  this username / password combination is no longer in the database.  It is thus necessary for you to Register for the Course again at this time using the "Register Here" link on the Home Page.







The CITI Public Access Course in The Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR).

The public access RCR course is designed to provide learners who are not affiliated with a CITI Participating Institution, an opportunity to complete a Basic tutorial in the responsible conduct of research.    This public access course can also be used by decision makers at participating institutions to "Demo" a CITI RCR course prior to providing it to their faculty, staff and students.  This RCR course site is partially supported by the ORI, DHHS.

The public access course is available in versions for investigators and students with a focus in the:

  • Biomedical sciences

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Physical Sciences

  • Humanities

Fully customizable courses are available for CITI participating organizations and institutions.    If you would like to establish a customized course for your University, organization, department or class contact CITI at 305 243-7970.




The CITI Laboratory Animal Welfare Course

The CITI Laboratory Animal Welfare Course is now available to CITI subscriber institutions.   The course is an updated version of the course established by the VA at and meets the federal requirements for basic training in the human care and use of animals in research and teaching.  

A "Demo" is currently available by "Registering for a Course" on the home page.  

  • When you are asked for your institutional affiliation choose "CITI Lab Animal Welfare Demonstration Course". 
  • Provide the contact information requested.
  • Then enroll in the courses that you would like to review.

If your organization would like to subscribe to the CITI Laboratory Animal Welfare Course,  please call CITI at 305 243-7970 or e-mail .  For more information see the FAQ and Announcements area available on the CITI home page.

Thank you






The Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS) Course.

A sample HIPS course is available to you here.  Customized courses are available for CITI subscriber institutions.  Modules available to design a customized course are are:   

  • About the "HIPS" HIPAA education series*
  • Privacy Rules: Introduction to Federal and State Requirements*
  • Privacy Rules: Clinicians*
  • Privacy Rules: Clinical Investigators*
  • Privacy Rules: Students and Instructors*
  • Privacy Rules: Fundraisers* 
  • Privacy Rules: Marketers*
  • Security Rules: Basics of Being Secure, Part 1*
  • Security Rules: Basics of Being Secure, Part 2*
  • Security Rules: Protecting your Computer*
  • Security Rules: Picking and Protecting Passwords**
  • Security Rules: Protecting your Portables*
  • Security Rules: Protecting your identity*
  • Security Rules: Safer Email-ing and IM-ing, Part 1*
  • Security Rules: Safer Email-ing and IM-ing, Part 2*
  • Security Rules: Safer Web Surfing*
  • Security Rules: Introduction to Federal and State Requirements* 
  • Security Rules: Issues for Work/Workers Off-Site*
  • Completing the Privacy and Security Course



The CITI International Training Platform at is a public access site providing basic, foundational information for researchers, research staff and research ethics committee members involved in international research.  This program now includes two learner tracks.   Track 1 targets the international investigator (International Modules) while Track 2 is intended for non US investigators, involved in U.S. Federally funded international research (US Federal Modules).    

  • TRACK 1    
    The International Modules
    track is a new offering and the content was developed by Dr. Henry Silverman and his Fogarty International Center scholars in Egypt.  The modules provide a general overview of the ethical issues central to conducting human subject research internationally.   Translation of this track from English into other languages will begin in 2007. 
  • TRACK 2.
    The US Federal Modules
    provide more detail about the US federally funded research requirements.  US Federal Modules 1 through 3 have been translated into Simplified Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish.  Modules 4 and 5 are available in English with some, but not all, of the content translated. 

Topics for both tracks include:

  1. History and Ethics
  2. Research Review Processes
  3. Informed Consent
  4. International studies (Resource information/country specific information)
  5. Course documents (Ethical guidance documents and links to research compliance information)

Although you will need to register to obtain a username and password for this course site, this program is available without charge. 

This site is provided as a service to the research community and is supported by CITI, The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Miami.

Since this international platform is a relatively new initiative, your questions, comments or suggestions are welcome. Please send them to Karen Hansen at Thank you.





Heavy course site usage

The CITI program experiences the heaviest usage.

  • During the months preceding the NIH grant application deadlines. 
  • At the beginning of the Fall (September) and Spring (January) semesters.

The CITI Program course site usage increases markedly after 10am EDT, peaks between 11am and 4pm EDT, decrease after 5pm and decreases markedly after 11pm EDT. On the weekends, usage is generally < 50% of that during the week.

Currently, a limitation of 800 concurrent users is enforced to provide everyone an opportunity to use the course site with rapid page response times.  By June 1, 2007, concurrent user limits will be rolled back to 2000 concurrent users as new hardware comes on line.

Thank You

CITI Program Administration