CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative

CITI Learners Information Page

Affiliate with another institution.

It is possible for you to register for more than one institution.    This might be very useful if you are:

  • Affiliated with another institution such as a local VA. 
  • Collaborating with an investigator at another CITI participating institution.

The advantage is that if the affiliated organizations require the same modules you will only need to complete the modules once.   The software will give you credit in each institution's curriculum.  

You will receive a completion report from each institution when all requirements are met.



Add a course or update your Learner Group

Use this utility to change or update your learner group enrollment.   This is very useful because you can add additional courses as required or according to your interests without registering again.

For example

  • You might want to change from a biomedical curriculum to a social & behavioral curriculum.

  • You might need to change to the Basic Course from a Refresher Course

  • Add another CITI course to your curriculum (e.g., GCP, RCR, HIPS).

  • Add the Lab Animal Welfare curriculum.



The Optional Modules.

Your institution may provide several optional modules that may be of interest to you.  The optional modules will only become visible to you when all required modules are completed successfully and the Completion Report has been awarded. 

These Optional Modules are only suggested readings.   They are NOT required.   If you complete an optional module:  

  • You will not receive "extra credit" for the current course, but, they will be credited in the future if, for example, at a later date you enroll in a course that requires them.

  • It will not be listed on any current completion report.

  • A record of all modules you complete, even the optional ones, is maintained in the database.  This record is available to you at any time.


Add the Laboratory Animal Welfare Course

Use this link to add the CITI Laboratory Animal Welfare course to your grade book.   This course has been provided by your institution to meet the federal requirements for basic instruction in the humane use of laboratory animals in research and teaching.




The Grade Book Link

Use this link to access the course. 

The Course status is referred to as:

Not started  - Enter
Incomplete - Re-enter  (at least one required module is complete)
Passed - completion date
(All required modules are complete)  Follow the link to "Print" a Completion Report.

When you enter or re-enter a course, the modules will be listed as either:

  • Required (modules must be completed in order)


  • Elective (modules can be completed in any order. Choose the modules that are most pertinent to your role or interests)

After you complete the required modules and any required electives, the optional modules will be made available to you.  You will be able to print a completion report.


Review CITI Program instructions page

Use this link to review the basic instructions provided by your institution.



Update Your Profile and Contact Information

Use this link to make changes in the contact information.   You should make sure that your email address is correct.


Listing of all courses and modules completed recently  

This link will provide an up to date listing of all modules completed, the date completed and the ID number for the respective quiz.  All modules completed since May 2005 are listed.


View course completion history for CITI Program and print completion certificates

Use this link to view the completion reports that you have earned previously.  You will be able to print a completion report earned during the past certification interval.  You will also be able to review the modules completed and when the current Completion certificate will expire. 

If you just completed a course, it may be easier to use the "Print" link, in the "My Courses" table, to print or download a current CITI Completion Report.

Completion Reports from 5-2004 to 12-2006

Use this link to print or download a Completion Report earned in a previous version of the CITI Course.   The Utility will provide you with all CITI Completion Reports earned between May 2004 and December 2006.

you will be provided a link to the completion report by the CR#, the type of Course (e.g., Basic Course), the date completed and your aggregate score on the quizzes.

If you earned a completion report before May 1, 2004 and you now need verification, call your IRB Office as the staff should have copies of your completion records.  If you need a certificate contact CITI at 305 243-7970.


Continuing Education Credits

Use this link to see if you qualify for CME Credits.  6 CMEs are available if you complete 12 modules in the basic course.   4 CMEs are available if you complete the GCP Course.


Remove your affiliation

Use this link to remove you course site affiliation to this institution.  The software will remember your data and will apply the completed modules to any other institution you affiliate with.


Institutional Coordinator Utilities

Institutional coordinators and training coordinators will use this link to access report utility to;


  • Download CITI Order forms
  • Download aggregate training reports for all institutional users, users in a specific group, or individual users.
  • Customizable reports listing those learners whose training certificates will soon expire.