CITI Program

Welcome to The CITI Program

This page should help you to become acquainted with The CITI Program website as an institutional administrator.

Administrative Access

How To Set Up Administrator Rights for the CITI Program:

If you have never registered before (you do not have a CITI Program username) please go to and register an account in the system by clicking on "Register" button under "Create an account" from the homepage. After typing and selecting your institution from the dynamic drop down list, follow the prompts to create your account.

If you already have a CITI Program username, please log into your account, go to Main Menu, and follow the "Click here to affiliate with another institution" link. Type and locate your institution via the dynamic drop down list.

Once registered please let us know by replying to your institution's setup email confirmation with your username and we will add administrative rights to your account.

Getting Started

The CITI Program Support Center is a valuable tool for administrators and a place your learners can access for support. At you will find FAQs and the ability to submit a new help desk ticket.

Using your Admin menu once you have gained administrative rights will allow you to assist learners with account access and allow you access reports and completions. A brief guide to some of the features available to you can be located at You may also search "admin" in the Support Center to locate this page and other Admin-related help articles.

New Learner Instructions are available at Simply searching "register" on our Support Center can assist you with locating this page. Please share this link with your learners.

Our Guide to CITI Navigation may assist users with navigation of the menus:

A link to the CITI Instructions page will be present on the Main Menu and during the course enrollment questions. The default page for this is: This page may be updated to include institution-specific information, or link to a page on your institution's website itself or to a document which you may submit to us to be uploaded.

Course Catalogs which include brief descriptions of modules and content can be found at

You may also demo CITI Program's available modules. Follow the usual affiliation process to affiliate with the institution listed as "DEMO".

You may locate the Series Selection forms either at the bottom of your Admin menu or the following page, if you wish to modify your institution's course or module requirements:

The CITI Program Announcements and Quarterly Newsletters can be accessed from our News and Events page.

There are various ways to contact support if you have any questions or concerns. Please visit our Contact Us page.

It is our pleasure to work with you and assist you on the future needs of your institution.