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CITI Program

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative at the University of Miami

Subscription Fees and Other Charges

CITI Program Subscription Fees

Use the CITI Program Order Forms to initiate an organizational or individual subscription. The Content Selection Forms are used to assemble content for learner groups. The Catalogs describe all available course (module) content.

Organizational Subscription

Government/Non-Profit Organizations

Annual base fee is $3,500.00 USD per site*

For-Profit Organizations

Annual base fee is $4,000.00 USD per site*

(Institutions & organizations having more than 3 sites are eligible for Multi-site discounts.)

*Per Site Fee

In addition to the base subscription fee, an additional fee will be charged for each site above and beyond the organization's primary facility or campus, when that site:

  • is owned or operated by the organization; and
  • has ten (10) or more employees or agents conducting research at the facility; or
  • where students conduct research or complete the CITI Program as part of an academic requirement.

Content Included in Base Subscription

An unlimited number of learners (per site) may access all core content (includes hundreds of modules):

Additional Content

Organizational Instructions

Subscribing organizations will be able to setup a customized "instructions page" and "institutional contact page" to help guide learners.

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Additional Services

The above fees do not include any additional per hour charges to set up or encode text into HTML or other tasks that require programmer or specialized staff time.

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Independent Learner Subscriptions

Independent learner course pricing is as follows:

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